Drug awareness campaign underway at schools

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-An awareness campaign that kicked off last week teaches learners about the dangers of illegal drug use.

Drug abuse by youth in //Karas on the increase

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According to the latest crime statistics in the //Karas Region, drugs with a combined value of more than N$1 million were confiscated between April 2016 and March 2017.

NamPol arrests two men in possession of drugs in Aranos

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The Namibian Police arrested two men in possession of drugs in Aranos over the weekend. A case of possession of and dealing in drugs has been lodged, following a tip-off by the public.

Erongo police concerned over increased drug abuse cases

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-Police in the Erongo region are concerned over a sharp rise in drug abuse, robbery, gender-based violence and stock theft in the region.

Over 130 people nabbed with drugs

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-The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) have arrested 135 people on drug trafficking related charges during the festive season.

Cases of drug trafficking in the //Karas region on an increase.

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Cases of drug trafficking in the //Karas region are on an increase.