#BusinessToday | Namibians encouraged to make savings and investments a habit

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-Namibians are encouraged to make savings and investments a habit as it has the ability to relieve them from financial pressure in the long run.

Namibians contribute N$200 000 to Land-a-Dollar campaign

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-Namibians contributed over N$200 000 to the UNAM student led, Land-a-Dollar Campaign. Of this amount about N$140 000 was handed over to government with the rest going to consultants.

Namibians invest in pyramid scheme despite BoN's warnings

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Many Namibians have over the past few months invested funds in an online financial scheme known as My Life Change 247, this despite warnings from the Bank of Namibia that it was a pyramid scheme.

Some locals celebrate New Year's Eve in church

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As per tradition, some people celebrated New Year's Eve by attending midnight church services.

Namibians welcome 2018 with different expectations

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According to the coastal public corruption, crime, negativity, drugs and alcohol top the list of things to be left behind in 2017.

Namibians in the coast prepare for 2018 crossover

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People have been filling up the beach at Langstrand since Sunday morning in the central coast to celebrate the New Year at midnight.

Namibians called to adhere to waste management and pollution control

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Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta says that Namibians are not doing enough in terms of adhering to waste management and pollution control in the country.

Namibians urged to report immigrants entering the country illegally

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-Namibians are urged to assist law enforcement agencies to trace illegal immigrants entering the country at undeclared crossing points.

Many Namibians unaware of Human Papillomavirus

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-The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common sexually transmitted infection which causes a number of health problems including genital warts and cervical cancer.

McLeod-Katjirua urges Namibians to rededicate themselves to human rights education

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-The Governor of Khomas Region, Laura McLeod-Katjirua has urged all Namibians to rededicate themselves to the essential strategy of human rights education.