ECN dismisses allegations that election officials are drugged

ECN dismisses allegations that election officials are drugged
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Allegations on the distribution of drugs to election officials to impair their ability to effectively administer the polling process and marking of ballot papers are false and devoid of any truth.
This was said by Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) chairperson Notemba Tjipueja while addressing a media conference here Wednesday.
She said this was serious misinformation meant to mislead the electorate and cause alarm amongst the general public.
She said the commission is gravely concerned about malicious and unfounded allegations made by certain political stakeholders on social media about the ongoing electoral process.
“The ballots shown in the video are clearly not ECN ballots. The ECN strongly condemns such distractive acts meant to discredit the ongoing electoral process and demand that the Landless People’s Movement desists from continuing with such behaviour which is in contravention of the Electoral Act,” Tjipueja said.
She also called on political stakeholders “to refrain from creating such falsehoods as this has the ability to cause confusion and anxiety amongst voters.”
Tjipueja further assured the public that the commission is in full control of the voting exercise and everything is being done to ensure that all eligible voters cast their votes and that the process is completed as planned.
She further noted complaints by voters on the preferential treatment given to elderly and vulnerable persons at polling stations, saying the commission will provide special assistance to all vulnerable persons in queues at polling stations.
“This is a long-standing tradition of the ECN and it is an international best practice in most democracies. Vulnerable persons may include elderly persons, pregnant women, wheelchair users, sick or frail-looking individuals, or persons living with disabilities. In this regard, we request voters to show sensitivity and compassion towards persons with special needs,” said Tjipueja.
The ECN also thanked the thousands of Namibians standing in long queues across the country to cast their ballots.
“As the exclusive election management authority, we take pride in the peaceful manner in which all political contestants went about their campaigns leading to this day. It is a clear manifestation that our democracy has come of age and that our constitutional democracy is being consolidated,” Tjipueja said.