Mixed feelings at Groot Aub as handover day looms

Mixed feelings at Groot Aub as handover day looms
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Groot Aub settlement residents have mixed feelings over its transfer to the City of Windhoek, expected to take place this Friday.
Carolina Feris welcomed the move saying it will improve basic service delivery, at the settlement, situated 40 kilometres south of Windhoek.
She hopes that the city's governance will end illegal selling of land at the settlement.
Seventy-two-year-old Magrieta Beukes is however against the idea fearing basic services will become unaffordable.
Cicel Titus, one of those opposing the handover, proposed that the settlement receive village council status for the community to manage its own affairs.
Residents are planning to hand over a petition to the Khomas Regional Council in protest of the transfer tomorrow.
The settlement is characterised by constant electricity and water supply shortages as well as questionable selling of plots.
Once handed over, the municipality will be responsible for delivering basic services and proper planning of residential and industrial zones.