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UNAM and the Swakop Uranium sign a memorandum of understanding in Windhoek
The University of Namibia, UNAM, and the Swakop Uranium Mine signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Windhoek on Friday.
UNAM vice-Chancellor Lazarus Hangula explained that the partnership covers the training of engineering students and other related mining fields.
Professor Hangula said the collaboration will give students an opportunity to do their attachments at the mine.
He assured the mine management that his institution will ensure that the partnership works and produces results that the mine wants.
Swakop Uranium Mine Human Resources Director, Percy McCallum, said the mine will support UNAM's efforts in growing professional engineers.
He noted that the company will continue to provide bursaries to students studying engineering and other mining-related fields.
McCallum said the mine will send some Namibian students to pursue their studies at top universities in China.
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