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A former DTA politician joins APP
Veteran politician and former Member of Parliament of the DTA of Namibia, Alois Gende, has joined the All People's Party, APP.
Making the announcement at a media briefing in the capital on Thursday, APP President Ignatius Shixwameni said, Gende was an asset to the party, given his vast experience on the Namibian political landscape.
Shixwameni noted that Gende wanted to join the APP in 2011 already, but could not do so because of ill-health.
He said Gende could help grow the party in numbers, while at the same time uniting Namibians from all corners of the political arena.
Shixwameni further announced that the party Secretary-General, Marizka Brendell, would henceforth handle all media queries and media conferences to allow him more time to concentrate on other party issues.
On a question to respond to the Government's mass housing program, which was announced last week, Shixwameni said the pressing housing need in the country was high on the APP agenda and an integral part of its constitution.
He praised the Government for the decision to rid the country of shacks and restore people's dignity while ensuring their safety.
The APP leader called on Government to monitor the project closely to eliminate any corrupt practices, while at the same time ensuring that local contractors, including SME's benefited from the huge investment.
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