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Health Ministry to introduce three year diploma course


The Health Ministry plans to introduce a three-year diploma course for registered nurses to address the shortage of registered nurses in the country. 
Dr. Richard Kamwi made the announcement at a meeting with senior staff members from the northern regions at the Oshakati State Hospital on Monday. 
He reassured them that the Government was busy addressing the shortage of skilled personnel at public hospitals. 
Currently, there are 459 vacancies for registered nurses and 106 for enrolled nurses. 
The Minister said in addition to the four-year degree course at the University of Namibia, the Ministry would also come up with its own training centres in Windhoek, and at Keetmanshoop and Rundu. 
He did not say when such training would start. 
Dr Kamwi, however, said he was disturbed by reports that some nurses and doctors allegedly used cell phones in theatres, while operating on patients. 
The Health Minister called for an immediate end to such practice.
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