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Namibia to import over 90-thousands of tonnes of cereal crops
Namibia will have to import over 90-thousand tonnes of cereal crops, especially maize meal, following poor rainfall recorded in the country in 2013.
The Namibian Agronomic Board, NAB, told NBC News that Namibia harvest about 30-thousand tonnes of crops this year, as compared to the 60-thousand tonens produced annually.
NAB Chief Executive Officer Christof Brock said this is normally supported by another 60-thousand tonnes of imported food every year.
Dryland crop harvest is estimated at a mere ten percent, while the remainder will be come from Government's Irrigation Scheme.
Namibians consume at estimated 120-thousand tonnes of stapple food annually of which 60-thousand is normally imported from either South Africa or Zambia.
Brock, however, predict that local consumption will increase due to poor harvest of mahangu and, therefore, millers will have to import about three quarters of the total local consumption.
While stressing that this situation will not threaten to national food security, Brock maintained individual households and the country's economy would be affected.
He further expressed fears that if rain does not fall again next year, humans and animals will be severely affected.
Brock made the remarks in an interview with NBC News on Monday.
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