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Skorpion Zinc Mine announces financial sponsorship for NFA


The Skorpion Zinc Mine has entered the local soccer scene with an announcement of a one-comma-three million dollar sponsorship annually, for three years, for the Namibian Football Association.
The money will be used to support an annual Scorpion Zinc Regional Under-17 soccer tournament.
Mines and Energy Minister, Isak Katali, and Skorpion Zinc Chief Executive Officer, Satish Kumar, unveiled the new competition in support of the Under-17 players in all regions.
Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture Minister, Jerry Ekandjo, commended the mine's assistance, while appealing to others to follow suit.
Karas Governor Benardus Swartbooi who was instrumental in the deal, urged the players to prepare well for the tournament.
The first edition takes place at Keetmanshoop in the Karas region on the 19th of April.
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