United Nations request African Union and SADC to lead in DRC elections

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-The United Nations requested the African Union and SADC to take the lead in the run-up to elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Broadcasting experts propose SADC 'bouquet'

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Broadcasting experts who attended the SABA annual conference have proposed for a SADC broadcasting 'bouquet' to accommodate content from all member states.

Incoming SADC Chairperson bemoans conditions attached to loans by lending institution

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The incoming chairperson of SADC has bemoaned the conditions attached to loans given to African countries by international lending institutions.

Two presidents to bid farewell to SADC

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-Two SADC presidents will bid farewell to the organisation at this week's SADC Summit in Pretoria, South Africa.

New Nigerian High Commissioner wants to increase trade between SADC and ECOWAS

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-The newly appointed Nigerian High Commissioner to Namibia wants to increase inter-continental trade between SADC and the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) to allow the two regional blocks to fully benefit from their own resources, and develop their economies.

SADC deploys Electoral Observation Mission to Lesotho

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-The SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, has deployed the SADC Electoral Observation Mission to Lesotho, to observe the country's National Assembly Election, scheduled for 3 June.

SADC Parliamentary Forum intends to transform into regional parliament

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-The SADC Parliamentary Forum intends to transform into a regional parliament.

US law enforcement agency provides training for SADC customs officers

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-Fighting wildlife crimes, has become a priority on the global agenda.

Burundi, Comoros’ SADC membership bids to dominate Swaziland summit

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-Burundi and the Comoros Islands' application to join SADC is expected to dominate the extraordinary summit of SADC Heads of State and Government in Swaziland on Saturday.

SADC countries to reduce the impact of climate change

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More than 13 million people in the SADC region are at risk of food insecurity as a result of the recurring drought.