Martin, Van Dyk win 51st Total Tara Rally

Martin, Van Dyk win 51st Total Tara Rally
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Allan Martin and Jaco van Dyk on Saturday won the 51st Total Tara Rally in the car and off-road categories respectively.
This year's Total Tara rally saw drivers and their navigators taking on a gruelling 21 stages that stretched over 225 km.
The rally saw 24 teams entering in the S1, S2, S3, S4 and Off-Road classes in one of Africa's toughest rallies.
Thursday, which marked day one of the rally saw four stages being completed on the outskirts of Swakopmund, where nine of the 24 fell out due to breakdowns.
With the remaining 15 cars still in the rally, day two marked the main day of the rally with 12 stages on the cards.
Day two kicked off in Swakopmund and moved inland to Usakos, ending at the Tony Rust Race track outside Windhoek, with two special stages.
Alan Martin by then had a comfortable lead in the rally in his Skoda Fabia R5, and only a breakdown could have stopped him from taking his first-ever Tara title.
In the off-road class, it was full out action as Jaco van Dyk and navigator Michel Rust in their Nissan Navara were unstoppable.
The pair will also compete in the 2021 Dakar Rally after winning the 1000 Desert race as part of the South African Cross Country series earlier this year.
Saturday, the last day of the rally consisted of five stages that started off in Okahandja and ended in Windhoek.
Martin and navigator Olivier won the Tara in style, with a total time of two hours, four minutes and 22 seconds. Van Dyk and Rust won the off-road section in a time of one-hour fifty-eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds.
"It really means the world to me I have tried within the ten years to achieve it and to be able to say that I won the Total Tara Rally" Martin said .
Only nine of the 24 cars that entered into the race managed to ultimately finish the race, four in the car section, and five in the off-road section.