Namibia Amateur Boxing on the right path

Namibia Amateur Boxing on the right path

The Namibia Boxing Federation has achieved a number of important goals in 2016, despite facing significant hurdles throughout the year.

Having become an independent body this year in February, the Namibia Boxing Federation is tasked to oversee all boxing related matters for amateurs in the country.

The federation recently sent Namibia's U20 boxers to compete in the Zone 5 Youth games in Luanda, Angola.

Public Relations Officer, Robert Haihambo says he was very impressed with the skills the boys showcased throughout the tournament.

“They brought back one gold and two silver medals, overall, out of ten countries we took second place just after South Africa. So that one was a very big achievement as well,” said Haihambo.

Despite hosting successful coaching courses and reaching out to their sub-programs in the regions, which is among the federation's priorities, it is still faced with various challenges.

The President of the federation, Benjamin Rebang, says a major setback was caused by not having a place to run its operations from.

“We are actually working on it, we have spoken to some of our colleagues and some of the federations just to see as to how best we can probably share some office space just to have a central place whenever there is something to be done,” he concludes.

At the top of the Federation's agenda for this year is the continuous promotion of women's boxing in all the regions.