President dismisses reports that his team is buying votes of congress delegates

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-Swapo presidential hopeful, Hage Geingob has dismissed reports that Team Harambee has been buying the votes of delegates to the congress.

SWAPO party women's council launches training manual

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-The SWAPO Party Women's Council has launched a training manual at the party's school in Windhoek, at the past weekend.

Omaheke Swapo members call for nullifying of the district and regional conference results

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-The sixth SWAPO Party Congress may proceed without delegates from the Omahake Region if the High Court application by some party members from the region succeeds.

Zambezi endorses Geingob

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Swapo's Zambezi Region has also pronounced their support for President Hage Geingob for party president.

NBC to allocate 585 minutes of radio and TV airtime to Swapo top four candidates

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-The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) will allocate a combined 585 minutes free airtime to Swapo Party candidates vying for the top four positions.

SWAPO CC meeting endorses candidates for top four positions

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-The SWAPO Party Special Central Committee meeting has endorsed candidates for the party's top four positions.

Omaheke elects new Swapo leadership

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-Former councillor of the Epukiro Constituency, Ruth Mbura is the new Swapo Party regional co-ordinator in the Omaheke Region.

SWAPO disqualifies Otjombinde district from regional conference and party congress

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-The Otjombinde district in the Omaheke Region has been disqualified from participating in the regional conference as well as the SWAPO Party congress later this year.

Swapo in Kavango East picks congress representatives

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-The Kavango East Region on Saturday concluded its election of representatives to the upcoming congress.

Masubia chief pledges allegiance to Swapo, President Geingob

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-The Chief of the Masubia tribe, Munitenge Kisco Liswani III, has pledged his and his subjects' support to President Hage Geingob and Swapo.