Representatives from African deaf associations meet to discuss human rights issues

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-Representatives from deaf associations in Africa are meeting in the capital for eight days to discuss human rights issues affecting the deaf community.

African transport corridor groups meet in Swakopmund

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-African transport corridor groups are key to boosting inter-continental and global trade. African Corridor Management Alliance Board Chairperson Clive Smith made these remarks during an industry meeting in Swakopmund.

African domestic workers meet in Windhoek to discuss issues affecting them

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-Organisations representing domestic workers from different African countries met in Windhoek to discuss issues affecting them.

Bience Gawanas: African nations should focus on positives of migration

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-The United Nations Special Advisor on Africa, Bience Gawanas says instead of focusing on the illegality of migration, countries should rather focus on the development it can lead to.

#BusinessToday | African education institutions need to align training

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-African education institutions should cater for the needs of industries, if Africa is to realise its dream of industrialisation.

Computer science week launched in the capital

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About 77% of Americans use the internet, compared to only about 25% of Africa's population.