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African countries urged to find lasting solutions to youth migrating to Europe

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-African countries have been urged to find a lasting solution to the many young people migrating to Europe in search of better opportunities.

SOS International meets with African officials to develop child protection strategies

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Child protection officials from 27 African countries and participants from the SOS International office are in Windhoek for a week long meeting to develop strategy for the Eastern, Southern Africa region.

EU calls on African countries to protect the continent's natural resources

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The European Union has called on African countries to support peace, security and good governance of natural resources.

Environmental experts from 14 African countries in Namibia to discuss EIA regulations

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-Environmental experts from 14 African countries are in Namibia to discuss ways on how to strengthen policy regulations on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

African countries urged to invest in democracy

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African countries are urged to invest in democracy by strengthening their national electoral institutions.

African insurance CEOs meet in Swakopmund to discuss innovative methods of doing business

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Chief executive officers of insurance companies from 21 African countries are in Swakopmund discussing innovative methods on how to reach the masses.

UN launches investigation into African countries with DPRK links

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-The United Nations Security Council says it has launched an investigation into several African countries with links to the DPRK.

Improve customs officials’ ability to detect counterfeit products

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African countries are increasingly becoming a dumping ground for counterfeit products. Such products include fake medication, 25% of which is found in African and Asian countries.

China commends African countries for plans to pull out of ICC

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China has commended African countries for their plans to pull out of the International Criminal Court.

Ethiopia hosts Climate Change and Development summit

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Tobias Kappel

African countries are meeting in Ethiopia to discuss climate change.