Alufea Sampofu

Zambezi Governor concerned about youth unemployment and lack of qualified teachers

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-Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu is concerned with challenges the region continues to face such as youth unemployment and the lack of qualified teachers.

Zambezi Governor working on ways to assist victims of demolished illegal structures

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The Governor of the Zambezi Region says measures are being put in place to assist the homeless residents of Katima Mulilo whose structures were recently demolished by the local authority.

Zambezi Governor happy with implementation of projects and service delivery

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Zambezi Governor, Lawrence Sampofu is happy with the implementation of projects as well as service delivery during the previous financial year.

Retired civil servants urged to use their knowledge productively

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Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu, has encouraged retired civil servants to use their knowledge and experience productively.

Adult Learners' Week launched

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Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu says adult learning has the potential to benefit Namibia's workforce economically. Sampofu says this is because educated and trained workers can contribute to excellence, innovation and competitiveness.