Angolan Ambassador to Namibia assesses illegal crossers' situation at Etunda

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-The Ambassador of Angola to Namibia, Jevelina Costa, visited Etunda in the Omusati Region, where Angolans who illegally crossed into Namibia due to severe drought in their country, have temporarily been settled.

Illegal border crossing of Angolans into Namibia increases

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-The number of Angolans illegally crossing into Namibia since the closure of the Santa-Clara and Oshikango Border posts, to curb the spread of COVID-19, has increased.

Hundreds flee from Angola due to hunger

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Hundreds of Angolan nationals, especially young men and women, are flocking into Namibia in search of humanitarian help, following the severe drought being experienced in the southern part of that country.

Ohangwena police bemoan the excessive movement of people across the Angola-Namibia border

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-Police officers patrolling the Angola-Namibia border in the Ohangwena Region say they are faced with challenges in executing their duties amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four Namibians detained for illegally crossing into Angola have been released

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-Four Namibians, who were being held by Angolan authorities at the Gciriku Post holding cells, for illegally crossing into Angola, have been released.

Namibian man allegedly kills relative during New Year's Eve drinking spree in Angola

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-Two men from Onheleiwa Village who illegally crossed the border into Angola on New Year’s Eve got into a confrontation which led to one’s death.

Ohangwena Education directorate concerned about Angolan learners in the region

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-The Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture in the Ohangwena Region is worried about learners from Angola who attend school in the region, as schools reopen on Wednesday.

Kavango East Police confiscate large quantity of alcohol from Angola at Rundu

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-Smugglers of illegal whisky from Angola are now distributing it to other parts of the country using some freight service companies.

Ndeitunga condemns police officer who allowed three people to cross into Angola

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-Namibian Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga has condemned the action of a police officer who allowed an Angolan consulate official and two Namibians to cross into Angola.

Security guard found dead at Namibian embassy in Luanda

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-A 37-year-old Angolan citizen was found on Tuesday morning, hanged inside the embassy of Namibia, in the Alvalade neighbourhood, in the district of Maianga, in Luanda.