PDM, AR withdraw from second National Land Conference

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-Both the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) and Affirmative Repositioning (AR) group on Thursday announced that they will not attend the second National Land Conference.

AR seeks to force government to regulate rent for residential properties

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The Affirmative Re-positioning movement is seeking a court intervention, aimed at forcing government to regulate and control rent for residential purposes.

AR youth object to allocation of Oshakati plot to judge

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-Youth members under the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) staged a demonstration to the Oshakati Town Council and the High Court, objecting the allocation of a plot to a foreign judge, at the town.

AR movement launches national youth manifesto

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-The AR movement launched a national youth manifesto during the 'Generational Assembly' at the International University of Management (IUM) campus.

AR Movement institutes case of unlawful eviction against City of Windhoek

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The City of Windhoek has denied demolishing shacks of several people in the Otjomuise Sewend Laan settlement.

Swapo to discipline individuals who violate the party's constitution

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-The Swapo Party will leave no stone unturned in disciplining members found guilty of violating the party's constitution.

AR withdraws from the land service program

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The Affirmative Re-positioning, AR, movement has withdrawn from the land service program.

AR movement threatens to take Government to court over Rent Ordinance Act

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The Affirmative Repositioning, AR, movement has threatened to take Government to court over its failure to honour an agreement signed between the two in April 2016. The parties agreed, among others, that the state would put it into operation the Rent Ordinance Control Board as provided for by the Rent Ordinance Act 13 of 1977 as a matter of urgency.

"No difference of opinion between Government and Swapo regarding AR"-Aochamub

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The State House Press Secretary has shot down reports that there is a difference of opinion between Government and Swapo Party when it comes to dealing with the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement.

Swapo Party members warned

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Swapo Party members have been cautioned to distance themselves from Affirmative Repositioning activities or their membership will be revoked.