Customs and Excise office at Ariamsvlei border post temporarily closed for disinfection

by editor1 / Aug 31, 2020 / 0 comments
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-The Customs and Excise office at Ariamsvlei border post will be temporally closed for disinfection purposes.

Ariamsvlei immigration officers vow proper screening to stop human trafficking

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-Immigration officers at Ariamsvlei border post vowed to ensure all people passing through the border are properly screened to stop organised crimes such as trafficking and smuggling of persons.

#BusinessToday | Prohibition of erven sale for private ownership at Ariamsvlei hampering business investment

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Attracting business investment to the tiny settlement of Ariamsvlei in the //Karas Region is hampered by a clause in the local authority's act prohibiting the sale of erven for private ownership.