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Angola yet to contact BoN on Isabela Dos Santos' Namibian business interests

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-The Angolan authorities have not yet contacted the Bank of Namibia (BoN) regarding the ongoing investigations into the business empire of Africa's richest woman, Isabela Dos Santos.

Bank of Namibia stocks Chinese currency as part of its reserve currencies

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-The Bank of Namibia has started stocking the Chinese currency, the renminbi, as part of its reserve currencies.

Namibia benefiting from the Rand - Bank of Namibia

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Ebson Uanguta, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Namibia said the delinking of Namibia currency from the South African Rand is not an option that Namibia can consider at this moment.

Bank of Namibia advises Namibians to develop saving habits

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The Bank of Namibia advised Namibians to start developing a culture of saving to avoid debt.

Banco Nacional de Angola pays back up to U$150 million to Namibia

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The Bank of Namibia announced on Wednesday that the Banco Nacional de Angola has paid back up to U$150 million, approximately N$2.1 billion, out of its nearly N$4 billion debt to Namibia.

Bank of Namibia warns against My Life Change 247 scheme

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-The Bank of Namibia is warning the public against a potentially fraudulent financial scheme called My Life Change 247.

BoN cautions over virtual currencies not backed by any authority

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Bank of Namibia says users of virtual currencies should be mindful of the risks involved in trading in such currencies that are not backed by a central banking authority.

Bank of Namibia cuts repo rate

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-The Bank of Namibia has resolved to cut the repo rate by 25 basis points, to 6,75% from 7%.

Bank of Namibia receives N$663 million from Angola

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The Bank of Namibia this month received a payment of US$51 million, or N$663 million, from its Angolan counterpart, Banco National de Angola.

SME Bank minority shareholders call on Windhoek High Court to dismiss BoN application

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Lawyers representing the SME Bank's minority shareholders has requested the Windhoek High Court to remove the application of the Bank of Namibia from the court roll.