First COVID-19 burial takes place at Otjiwarongo

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-The first COVID-19 funeral at Otjiwarongo took place today when a 45-year-old man who succumbed to the pandemic at the weekend was laid to rest at the Orwetoveni Cemetery.

Minister of Health compiles COVID-19 burial procedures

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-The Minister of Health and Social Services says his ministry has compiled a document setting out procedures and legal requirements related to the burials of those whose deaths are attributed to COVID-19.

Swakopmund fire victims' remains still in Erongo

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-The family of three fire victims who died at Swakopmund last week are still without a burial date. The bodies of the late Hileni Laban, her seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old grand-daughter remain in the locked-down Erongo Region, with the family having no idea when they will be allowed to transport them north.

Narraville resident arrested for blocking COVID-19 burial and initiating a large gathering

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-A Narraville resident at Walvis Bay was arrested for trying to block a COVID-19 burial and initiating a large gathering against the state of emergency regulations.

Late Colonel Werner Kaukungwa laid to rest

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-The late Colonel Werner Kaukungwa was buried today at Omuthiya in the Oshikoto Region.

COVID-19-related deaths will no longer be buried at contested Narraville site

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-Erongo Governor Neville Andre says all those who die of COVID-19, will no longer be buried at the contested site near the Narraville residential area.

Burial of COVID-19 victims at Narraville suspended

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-Burials of COVID-19 victims at Narraville's Extension 7 at Walvis Bay have been suspended, pending talks between the residents and the authorities.

Burial of first COVID-19 case to take place this afternoon

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-The burial of the Walvis Bay resident who died as a result of COVID-19 will take place this afternoon.

Burial site of the first COVID-19 death case identified

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-The burial site of the first COVID-19 death case has been identified and once all logistics are sorted the funeral date will be determined.

SWAPO veteran Mbaha to be laid to rest on Sunday

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-SWAPO veteran Karl Ngaminikue Mbaha will be buried at the Old Location Cemetery in the capital on Sunday.