Six accident victims buried at Outjo

by editor1 / Jan 21, 2019 / 0 comments

Six relatives who died in a collision on the Otjiwarongo-Otavi road in August 2018, were on Saturday buried at Outjo in the Kunene Region.

Social activist Paul Helmuth to be buried on Saturday

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Social commentator, activist and Windhoek resident Paul Helmuth will be buried on Saturday.

Five people murdered at Rundu buried

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Five people who were murdered at Rundu, in Ndama Informal Settlement last weekend, were buried today.

Late Auguste Mukwahepo Immanuel to be buried at Eenhana on Saturday

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Former freedom fighter and first woman soldier of the People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), the late Auguste 'Mukwahepo' Immanuel will be buried at Eenhana in the Ohangwena Region on Saturday.

Tsvangirai to be buried on Tuesday

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Former Zimbabwean prime minister and main opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who died on Wednesday in Johannesburg, will be buried on Monday.

Omwara Meriam Mbapeua Rukoro to be buried at Okatumuama village

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The funeral arrangements for the wife of Ombara Otjitambi, Vekuii Rukoro, the late Omwara Meriam Mbapewa Rukoro, were announced on Tuesday.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro Ruz laid to rest

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The former Cuban leader Fidel Castro Ruz was laid to rest in the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba on Sunday.

Long serving former Permanent Secretary Ulitala Hiveluah laid to rest

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Long serving former Permanent Secretary and former freedom fighter Ulitala Hiveluah has been laid to rest at Odibo village in the Ohangwena.

Megameno Kamwangha's burial to take place at Onamutayi Village

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The burial of 17-year old Megameno Kamwangha who was stabbed while trying to defend a young woman whose phone was snatched by thieves will take place this weekend at Onamutayi Village in the Oshana Region.