Hanse-Himarwa pleads for forgiveness

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In his arguments in mitigation before High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg defence lawyer, Sisa Namandje says the former Education, Arts and Culture minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has a mother to take care of financially with a serious health condition and her absence may not be a good decision.

Education Minister Hanse-Himarwa's case postponed

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The Windhoek High Court has postponed Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa's case to 29 October 2018.

American murder accused to bring urgent bail application

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The two Americans charged with the murder of a Namibian in Windhoek seven years ago say they will bring an urgent case to be released on bail pending trial.

OvaHerero/Nama Genocide Committee does not recognise, trust Government envoy

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The OvaHerero/Nama Genocide Committee decided to file a separate court case against the German government, as they continue to reject the government's appointed special envoy, tasked to serve as mediator between them and the German government - in ongoing genocide talks.

Cuba to present its case against continued US embargo at the UN General Assembly in November

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The Cuban government is expected to present its case against sanctions imposed by the US government once again to the United Nations General Assembly in November.

German genocide case will be heard on 13 October in the USA

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-The case in which the Ovaherero and Nama communities are suing the German government for colonial atrocities - will be heard on 13 October, in the United States Federal Court, in New York.

Junius Jonas still in Brazil waiting to hear his fate

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Namibian Olympic boxer Junius Jonas is still in Brazil waiting to hear the outcome of his case.

Namibians called upon to support Junius Jonas' case financially

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The chef de Mission of team Namibia at the Rio Olympics, Jesse Schikerling, has called on Namibians who wish to assist the Namibian National Olympic Committee financially towards Junius Jonas' case to contact its offices in Windhoek.