Ministry of Environment says removal of cattle from Bwabwata will not negatively impact livelihoods

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-The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism says the removal of cattle from the Bwabwata National Park will not impact people's livelihoods negatively.

Lightning strike kills eleven cattle in Kavango West

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-A subsistence farmer from Epingiro-One in the Kavango West Region has lost eleven cattle, after they were struck by lightning.

Two Kavango West subsistence farmers lose nine cattle in lightning strike

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-Two subsistence farmers at Sau village in the Kavango West's Musese Constituency have lost nine heads of cattle due to lightning.

Sheengete village farmer lost 28 cattle

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A farmer at Oshana Sheengete village in the Oshikoto Region lost 28 cattle after they reportedly drank salty water from an earth dam.

Mix residents complain about the health risk of cattle kraal on their doorstep

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-Some Mix Settlement residents north of Windhoek are complaining about the bad smell and possible health risk because of a kraal located near their houses.

Police investigate cattle theft case in Omaheke

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-This follows an allegation that an adult Namibian male suspect entered a farm in the Leonardville area, where he allegedly led cattle from a grazing area to another farm, using horses.

Four lions that escaped from Etosha kill seven more cattle in Omusati

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-The four lions that escaped from the Etosha National Park have killed seven more cattle in Omutambo Gwomawe area of the Omusati Region.

Farmer kills two lions after losing 12 head of cattle

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-Twelve head of cattle were killed by lions at Andreas Ndakukamo's cattle post, in the Omusati Region on Tuesday.

Lightning kills 13 head of cattle of Kavango West farmer

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-A farmer in the Kapako constituency of the Kavango West Region suffered a great loss after his 13 head of cattle were struck by lightning on Christmas Eve.

Farmers in Erongo lose cattle worth 15-million dollars to drought

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New Era Newspaper Namibia

Farmers in the Erongo region have lost cattle worth 15-million dollars to drought and the Regional Council is looking for aid to help them overcome their losses. Rossing Uranium, Erongo Red and Bannerman Resources at Swakopmund donated a combined amount of 165 000 dollars on Wednesday to help relieve their plight.