We must put out a commercially viable product-Muller

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-Cricket Namibia's newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Johan Muller, unveiled his vision and plans for the sport code in the country on Monday and said he's looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead

Opposition parties defend Kahimise

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Opposition party councillors in the City of Windhoek plan to submit a vote of no confidence in the city's management committee for the suspension of its CEO Robert Kahimise.

NCRST employees want acting CEO gone

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Employees of the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) are demanding that the current acting CEO, Enid Keramen, be removed due to poor leadership skills.

Ndjavera to be appointed NPL Chief Executive Officer

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-Irvine Ndjavera will reportedly be appointed as the NPL Chief Executive Officer, pending the agreement between both parties and Ndjavera's current employer, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service.

Airports Company wants Aochamub as acting CEO

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-The Namibia Airports Company Ltd (NAC) today announced that it is “awaiting confirmation of the approval of the secondment of Albertus Aochamub as Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Airports Company for a period of 12 months or until such time that a substantive Chief Executive Officer is appointed.”

CEO of Red Force Debt Management urges Keetmashoop residents to pay municipal bills

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-The Chief Executive Officer of Red Force Debt Management Julius Nyamasana, is urging Keetmashoop residents to prioritise when paying their municipal bills.

Bukalo Village Council says CEO absence delayed implementation of projects

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-The Bukalo Village Council in the Zambezi Region says the absence of a Chief Executive Officer has delayed the implementation of various projects.

GIPF reappoints David Nuyoma as CEO

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-David Nuyoma has been reappointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Government institutions Pension Fund for another five year term.

Katima Mulilo appoints new CEO

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Raphael Liswaniso is the new Chief Executive Officer of Katima Mulilo.

Three year absence of permanent city CEO stunted Windhoek's development

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The City of Windhoek's Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kahimise says the absence of a substantive CEO for the past three years may have delayed development in the city.