Oshana 'disoriented' by 2020 challenges

by editor1 / Jul 29, 2020 / 0 comments
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-The much anticipated year 2020 which clocked a new decade has come with a set of challenges which made it difficult for individuals and businesses to redeem themselves.

Dairy producers negatively affected by imports and increased cost of feed

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-Import of dairy products, increased cost of feeds and lack of adequate water are some of the challenges negatively affecting local dairy producers.

Impalila Police face accommodation, water and staff challenges

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-Police at Impalila Island in the Zambezi Region face numerous challenges - ranging from accommodation to water, working space and insufficient staff.

Disabled young man turns challenges into opportunities to fend for himself

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-A young man from the Oshikoto Region, Matthew Angula was born without lower limbs, and where one would think that all is over, he turned his challenges into opportunities to fend for himself.

COVID-19 presents challenges and opportunities for Namibian media

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-The Director-General of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Stanley Similo says the broadcaster reaches 1,6 million people daily through its various platforms and it is prepared to inform the nation on COVID-19.

NBC has operational, human resource inefficiencies that need urgent attention - Simataa

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-Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister, Stanley Simataa says there are a number of operational and human resource inefficiencies at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) that need urgent attention.

MICT pleads with CRAN board to address challenges faced by the institution

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-The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has pleaded with the board of directors of the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) to address the challenges faced by the institution.

Katutura hospital faces numerous operational challenges

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The Katutura hospital is struggling with shortage of staff and a high influx of patients.

UNAM Southern Campus vulnerable to current economic challenges

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-The University of Namibia's Southern Campus, which is still in its infancy, is vulnerable to the current economic challenges the country faces.

Conservationists urged to help government in addressing human-wildlife challenges

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-Conservationists should urgently help government in addressing human-wildlife challenges.