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Governor Mbambo calls on traditional authorities to help end child marriages

by editor1 / Dec 12, 2018 / 0 comments
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-Kavango East Governor has called on traditional authorities to end child marriages in the region.

Swapo Party Women's Council condemns child marriages in Namibia

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The Swapo Party Women's Council has condemned child marriages in Namibia.

Deputy Minister Witbooi urges traditional authorities to discourage child marriages

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-Residents of Utuseb settlement, about 60 kilometres east of Walvis Bay, in the Erongo Region, say young girls get into relationships with older men for financial gain.

Child marriages haunt the African continent

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Child marriages still haunt the African continent and the United Nations Special Advisor on Africa says it cannot be business as usual if the matter is to be addressed.

MP calls for investigation into presence of child marriages

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There is currently no adequate data on the extent of child marriages in Namibia.

Gender Equality Ministry to conduct research on extent of child marriages in Namibia

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Gender Equality and Child Welfare Ministry will conduct research on the extent of child marriages in Namibia.

7% of young people in Namibia marry before the age of 18

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15 million children in the world are said to be victims of child marriages and UNICEF estimates Africa has the highest number, while Namibia has an estimated 7% of young people that marry before the age of 18.