China pledges 500 tonnes of rice towards Namibia's national drought relief programme

by editor / Nov 22, 2016 / 0 comments

The first batch of a consignment of rice from China will arrive at the Walvis Bay Port in mid-December. Chinese Embassy Charge d Affaires, Wu Wei, says 450 000 kilogrammes of rice will initially be given to Namibia as part of China's pledge towards drought relief to Namibia.

China to help Africa implement Paris Agreement-COP22

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High level talks to combat climate change are wrapping up in Morocco. Dozens of the world leaders have been meeting at the COP 22 summit,trying to agree on a plan of how to curb global warming.

China commends African countries for plans to pull out of ICC

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China has commended African countries for their plans to pull out of the International Criminal Court.

Meatco sorting out the trading license with the regulatory body in China

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The Meat Corporation of Namibia, Meatco, is in the process of finalizing the trading license with the regulatory body in China before beef exports may commence to the Asian country. Namibia will be the first African state to qualify for beef-in-bone exports to China.