Struggle veteran Michael Mukumbuta says behaviour of some young people a cause for concern

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-A veteran of the liberation struggle at Muyako village in Zambezi Region says the conduct and behaviour of some young people is a cause for concern.

Danny Meyer: Unemployment has reached a level that should be a concern to all

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-Government and stakeholders are urged to grow the economy and create jobs to reduce the high unemployment rate.

Toilet vandalism remains a concern as Hepatitis E numbers increase

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-Reported cases of Hepatitis E have increased to 439 over the past two weeks.

#BusinessToday | Sand mining remains serious concern

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-Sand mining remains a serious concern to the Environment and Tourism Ministry.

Irregular road maintenance to top tourist destinations becomes concern

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The irregular maintenance of gravel roads to Namibia's tourism destinations is a concern to tourism sector stakeholders.

IPPR report shows access to information remains a concern

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-Access to information in Namibia, especially in the public sector, remains a concern.

Cellphones hold implications for face-to-face communication

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-To say technology has not made our lives easier, would be a lie.

Cattle theft remains a concern in Zambezi

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-Cattle theft remains a concern in the Zambezi Region despite efforts by the Namibian and Zambian police forces to bring an end to it.

NORED expresses concern over vandalism

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-The Northern Namibia Regional Electricity Distributor has expressed concern over continuous destruction of its infrastructure.

Expert expresses concern over apathy of planned projects' EIAs

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-An environment expert has expressed concern about the ignorance of community members for not showing any interest in attending public hearings about planned projects and the outcome of their Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs).