Congo Fever

Public urged to report suspected Congo fever cases

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The public has been urged to immediately report any suspected cases of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever to the relevant health authorities.

Nine believed to be at high risk of Congo Fever at Keetmanshoop

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-Nine out of 39 people identified as having come into contact with a man who recently died of Congo Fever, at Keetmanshoop, are believed to be at high risk.

Congo fever patient has died

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-A 37-year-old man who was diagnosed with Congo Fever has died.

Health Minister announces new suspected case of Congo Fever

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A case of Congo fever was detected at the Windhoek Central Hospital today.

Congo fever under control

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The three people who were admitted to the isolation unit in the Windhoek Central Hospital have been cleared of Congo Fever.

Another person has died of Congo fever

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-Another person has died of Congo fever.

Ministry of Agriculture urges Omaheke farmers to take precautionary measures against Congo Fever

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-Farmers in the Omeheke Region have been urged to take precautionary measures against Congo Fever, despite the outbreak in the region having been brought under control.

Another case of Congo Fever confirmed in Omaheke

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-The Ministry of Health has confirmed another case of the Congo Fever in the Omaheke Region.

Ministry of Agriculture urges farmers to spray livestock against ticks

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-The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry is urging all farmers to adhere to guidelines for spraying of livestock against ticks.

Congo fever situation under control

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-The Ministry of Health says the Congo fever situation is under control.