AR, PDM to cooperate in the Walvis Bay regional council election

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-The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) Movement is cooperating with the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) in the regional council elections in the Walvis Bay Rural Constituency.

Public urged to cooperate with officials at entry points, quarantine and surveillance facilities

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-The public is urged to co-operate with officials dealing with individuals at entry points, quarantine and surveillance facilities.

Namibia, Russia look at cooperation in energy sector

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Namibian Presidency

-Namibia and Russia are looking at possibilities of cooperation in the energy sector and exploit uranium for the benefit of both countries.

Trade unions contemplate cooperation for job security of bank workers

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-Trade unions are contemplating working together to discuss job security of bank workers in the country.

Namibia, Tanzania need to strengthen cooperation beyond political relationship - Samaria

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Namibian Presidency

-There is a need for Namibia and Tanzania to strengthen and expand their cooperation beyond the long-standing political relationship.

Indian, City of Windhoek formalising cooperation at local government level

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-The Indian High Commission is working with the City of Windhoek towards formalising its cooperation with Namibia, at local government level.

NBC MD applauds Erongo Region for cooperation during TV licence inspection

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-NBC Director General, Stanley Similo has expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation the company's TV licence inspectors have been receiving from the local business community.

Namibia and Russia sign security cooperation agreement

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-Namibia and the Russian Federation have signed a cooperation agreement on security.

Namibia, Germany discuss programmes' progress and future cooperation

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-A two-day bilateral development cooperation meeting between Namibia and Germany ended at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

Zambezi Region and Zambia's Western Province explore areas of cooperation

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-Leaders in the Zambezi Region and the Western Province of Zambia, are discussing ways to increase cooperation.