Multimedia pioneers at NBC – Mobile Reporting in Namibia

During the past two weeks the Deutsche Welle Academy held a workshop about Mobile Reporting at NBC. Mobile Reporting describes the combination of reporting in video and audio via mobile phones, as well as the editing via a mobile device. The aim of this form of reporting is to create more local content, especially from the regions and from the listeners themselves.

14 producers from all 10 language services, as well as technicians and TV producers were involved in this workshop to learn about the benefits of mobile journalism. In addition there were producers from Rundu, Tsumkwe, Katima Mulilo and Oshakati present to further include the regions. 3 German coaches from Deutsche Welle Academy were conducting the two weeks of training, during which reports were produced, the work flow was pitched and further planning finalised. There was also a focus on the cooperation between the different NBC stations. From now on content produced by all stations is shared and later on translated into the different languages.

Julia Minner, Coordinator of the all new NBC Multimedia Content and Support Hub, was very pleased with the workshop’s outcome: ‘As can be seen by the results, this workshop brought all the language services closer together. In my opinion, this project is a wonderful chance for NBC to be pioneers in Multimedia and create quality content in that matter as well.’

NBC’s cooperation with the Deutsche Welle Academy is now running in the second year, aiming on the sustainable development of contentual and technical structures to increase content for the younger target audience. The youth in all of Namibia’s regions are targeted for more information supply on all of NBC’s radio, tv and internet platforms. The cooperation between the DW Academy and NBC’s training department is sealed until 2018 and aims on further increasing the new Multimedia content’s quality.
This Multimedia project is from now on part of all NBC’s Youth Hour programs with radio, Just Teens at TV and can also be seen on facebook via