Official says Hanse-Himarwa orchestrated removal of beneficiaries from list

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-A witness in the ongoing trial against Minister of Education Katrina Hanse-Himarwa claimed that the then Hardap Governor orchestrated the removal of names of two beneficiaries from the Mass Housing List in 2014.

Hanse-Himarwa pleads not guilty on corruption charges

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Minister of Education Katrina Hanse-Himarwa's corruption case has officially started in the High Court Monday before judge Christie Liebenberg.

AU Advisory Board on Corruption scrutinises Namibia's efforts to eradicate corruption

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Fighting corruption remains a challenge in many African countries despite some achievements.

AR Movement plans legal centre to fight corruption

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The Affirmative Repositioning Movement will soon set up a centre to spearhead lawsuits against persons accused of corruption on behalf of ordinary citizens.

Works Minister speaks out against corruption in the construction industry

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Minister of Works and Transport has urged all stakeholders to unlock Namibia's economic potential and preserve the country's future by rooting out corruption in the construction industry.

Good governance cannot be achieved by engaging in corruption – Deputy Minister Klazen

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Urban and Rural Development Deputy Minister Derek Klazen says good governance and accountability within public institutions cannot be achieved if officials engage in corrupt practices.

Media has a role to play in the fight against corruption – New Era CEO

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Media has a role to play in the fight against corruption as well as conflicts of interest.

President Geingob says Government is committed to root out corruption

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President Hage Geingob says government remains committed to rooting out corruption which is considered the main cause of exaggerated spending on various government projects.

Karibib Mayor denies embezzlement allegations

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Karibib Mayor Petrus Nabot has denied allegations that the town council embezzled N$20 million meant for development.

Minister Alweendo says ethical leadership should be at the centre of corruption fight

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-Mines and Energy Minister Tom Alweendo says every system can be corrupted if elected leaders have no forethought and wisdom on public and private entities.