COVID-19 death

//Kharas Governor visits family of Berseba woman who died of COVID-19

by editor1 / Aug 24, 2020 / 0 comments
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-//Kharas Governor, Aletha Frederick on Sunday visited the family of an elderly woman who died of COVID-19 at Berseba.

Namibia's 16th COVID-19 death is an 84-year-old woman

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-Namibia's death toll from COVID-19 now stands at 16 after an 84-year-old woman succumbed to the virus in Windhoek.

Burial site of the first COVID-19 death case identified

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-The burial site of the first COVID-19 death case has been identified and once all logistics are sorted the funeral date will be determined.

Health Ministry dismisses claims of COVID-19 in a recent death of a woman at Goot Aub

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-The Health and Social Services Minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula confirmed that a Groot Aub resident did not die from COVID-19.

eNCA cameraman Lungile Tom dies of Covid-19 in South Africa

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-In South Africa, a veteran cameraman of eNCA Television Channel, Lungile Tom has died from COVID-19.

Namibia did not record a COVID-19-related death

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-Namibia still does not have a COVID-19-related death.