Body found floating in Nyangana hospital sewage dam

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The body of a 36-year-old patient admitted to the Nyangana District Hospital was found in the hospital’s sewage dam on Thursday morning.

Public cautioned to stay alert and avoid becoming targets of criminals

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The escalating crime rate is a constant matter of concern.

Rundu Adventist Primary School learners march to denounce crimes against children

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-Children from the Rundu Adventist Primary School held a march to denounce the escalating crimes against children.

Crime against tourists in Erongo a major concern

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-Crime against tourists is becoming a major concern on isolated gravel roads in the Erongo Region.

Namandje says Kapia has already paid for his crime

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-Sisa Namandje, the legal representative of former deputy minister of works, transport and communication, Paulus Kapia, has called on Judge Christie Liebenberg not to impose a prison sentence on Kapia, in mitigation of sentence in the Avid-Social Security Commission fraud case.

Kavango West's crime rate threatens development - Governor Sirkka Ausiku

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An increase in criminal incidents in the Kavango West Region, is a cause for concern and threaten to derail development efforts, Kavango West Regional Governor Sirkka Ausiku, warned this week.

Zambezi Police urged to implement National Integrated Crime Combating Strategy

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Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force Sebastian Ndeitunga has urged the Zambezi Regional Police to coordinate activities, and determine approaches to implement the National Integrated Crime Combating Strategy, towards improving community safety in the country.

Police interrogating the reasons for failed crime fighting strategies

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-Although Namibia has national strategies to combat crime in place, there is a need to understand why these are not yielding positive results.

Omaheke Region police vows to reduce crime

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Police in the Omaheke Region are determined to reduce crime and create a safe place for all its inhabitants.

Katima Mulilo Police record decline in crime during Christmas period

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The Police operations at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region have recorded less crime during 2017's Christmas period in comparison with previous years.