Parcels for Namibian students to arrive in Cuba on 24 September

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-The Ministry of Health and Social Services confirmed that the parcels prepared by relatives and friends of Namibian students currently studying in Cuba will leave from Namibia to Havana, through Johannesburg on 18 September.

NANSO stages silent protest against alleged neglect of students in Cuba by Government

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-The Namibia National Students Organisation (NANSO) staged a silent protest against three ministries, for allegedly neglecting medical students in Cuba.

Parcels for students in Cuba could not be accommodated on South African Charter flight

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-The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (MIRCO) says the bags of some students in Cuba, could not be accommodated on the South African Charter flight.

Cubans in Namibia march against blockade

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-Cuban nationals in Namibia and their sympathisers held a peaceful march in Windhoek, in appreciation of the international community's support against economic sanctions still imposed on Havana, by the United States.

Namibians protest sanctions imposed on Cuba by the US Government

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-Namibians took to the streets on Wednesday to protest over sanctions imposed on Cuba by the US Government, in an efforts to topple the government of socialist ally Venezuela.

Cubans in Namibia describe US sanctions on Cuba as disrespectful

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Cubans in Namibia have spoken out against economic sanctions imposed on their country by the US.

Namibia and Cuba urged to use historic ties to pursue economic emancipation

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Namibian Presidency

Namibia and Cuba are urged to use longstanding historic ties to pursue economic emancipation.

Cuban expert suggests Namibia transform land for agricultural purposes

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A Cuban expert in agriculture and land-use says it is important for land reform in Namibia to be meaningfully tranformed in the interest of agricultural development.

VP Mbumba pays tribute to those who died in Cassinga massacre

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-Namibia's Vice President, Nangolo Mbumba, joined Cuban First Vice President, Salvador Valdes Mesa, in paying tribute to those who died in the Cassinga massacre 40 years ago.

Former Namibian students to Cuba donate N$41 000 towards Etunda Farm Project

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-Former Namibian students to Cuba donated N$41 000 towards the Etunda Farm Project.