NAMPA and Prensa Latina press agency of Cuba sign agreement

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The Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA) and Prensa Latina press agency of Cuba signed an agreement that will allow them to exchange news between the two countries.

Spain, Cuba reaffirm commitment to expand cooperation with Namibia

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-Spain and Cuba have reaffirmed their commitment to expand cooperation in a number of areas, with Namibia.

Prime Minister meets with Cuban President Raul Castro

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Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, on Thursday met with Cuban President Raul Castro and exchanged views on the already excellent relations between Namibia and Cuba.
The Prime Minister started an official visit to Cuba on Wednesday.

Cuba and Namibia review bilateral relations

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-Cuba and Namibia are reviewing the progress in the two countries' relations, as part of annual bilateral consultations, aimed at strengthening economic and trade relations.

Cuba to present its case against continued US embargo at the UN General Assembly in November

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The Cuban government is expected to present its case against sanctions imposed by the US government once again to the United Nations General Assembly in November.

Namibia offered Cuba financial assistance after Hurricane Irma

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-International assistance poured in for Cuba after it was devastated by hurricane Irma.

Namibian students in Cuba safe after Hurricane Irma

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Namibian students in Cuba are safe following Hurricane Irma which hit the small Caribbean island over the weekend.

Conference calls for end to US blockade imposed on Cuba

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The Fifth Continental Africa Conference in Solidarity with Cuba has called for an end to what it termed an "illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade" imposed by the United States on Cuba.

Cuban Vice-President commends Namibia's support in disapproving US trade embargo

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Cuba has extended its gratitude to Namibia for solidifying its stance against the United States' economic blockade.

Namibia joins Cuba in celebrating 58 years of independence

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Cuba is celebrating 58 years of independence, after Fidel Castro overthrew Fulgencio Batista and declared the Cuban Republic on 1 January 1959.