CEO dismisses claims that MEATCO is in debt of N$800 million

by editor1 / Feb 25, 2021 / 0 comments
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-MEATCO has dismissed claims that the company is in debt of about N$800 million.

Windhoek to write off debt of economically unable pensioners, grant amnesty to traffic offenders

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-City of Windhoek Mayor, Dr Job Amupanda, in his maiden annual mayoral address, said that the City of Windhoek will write off the debt of the economically unable pensioners and reconnect the water supply.

Minister Schlettwein tells staff that debt must be managed carefully

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-Finance Minister, Calle Schlettwein says the total debt is on the increase and has now reached 52% of the gross domestic product (GDP), from 49%, the previous year.

Domestic market debt makes up 63% of total Government debt

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Domestic market debt makes up 63% of government's total debt amounting to about N$87 billion, down from 67% in July last year.

Rundu residents owe council 190-million dollars

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Rundu residents and government ministries, agencies as well as businesses are owing the Rundu Town Council more than 190-million dollars in unpaid bills. The money owed is for municipal services and land sales.