Youth demonstrate against corruption in Namibia

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-A group of young Namibians marched to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to submit a list of demands to the commission's Director-General, Paulus Noah.

Retrenched Walvis Bay fishermen protest against corruption

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-Some former fishermen at Walvis Bay held a protest condemning corruption in the fishing sector.

Former koevoet and SWATF members demonstrate over payment by government

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-Traffic was again brought to a standstill in the Independence Avenue in Katutura, by former koevoet and SWATF members, when they blocked the street in protest over the payment by the government which they claimed the then apartheid South African government gave to them.

NSFAF beneficiaries demonstrate against Bank Windhoek's issuing of bank cards

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-Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) beneficiaries staged a peaceful demonstration in front of Bank Windhoek's Rundu branch.

Swakopmund Municipality employees demonstrate over delays in salary negotiations

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-Employees of the Swakopmund Municipality staged a demonstration in protest over delays in salary negotiations.

Tumweneni residents demonstrate to denounce their eviction

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-Residents of Rundu's Tumweneni Informal Settlement staged a demonstration to denounce their eviction from a piece of land along the Cuma Road that they've been occupying since 2018.

NBC employees demonstrate over alleged mismanagement

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-The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) employees staged a demonstration over the alleged mismanagement and misuse of funds by management as well as the suspension of austerity measures.

Windhoek residents demonstrate to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change

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-Residents of Windhoek joined the rest of the world in staging a demonstration aimed at raising awareness on the impacts of climate change globally.

Embwinda Fishing employees hold peaceful demonstration

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-A group of disgruntled employees from Embwinda Fishing Company at Walvis Bay held a demonstration in solidarity with 22 supervisors who were dismissed in August.

AGRIBUSDEV employees demonstrate over salary increments

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-Employees of the Agriculture Business Development (AGRIBUSDEV) staged a demonstration over salary increments and improved working conditions.