Re-employed former CAVEMA fishermen dissatisfied with Namibia United Fishermen Association

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-About 700 former fishermen who were recently re-employed at CAVEMA Fishing Company staged a demonstration at the company's offices.

Security guards protest over salary increments

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-Guards working for various security companies staged a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, in protest over what they termed, overdue salary increment.

Namibians protest against rise in crime against women and children

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-Students, musicians and youth from all walks of life gathered at Windhoek's Zoo Park protesting against the increasingly violent crimes, especially against women.

Opuwo inhabitants up in arms against town council

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-A group calling itself, Landless residents in Opuwo residing at Katutura, Ouranda and Otuzemba informal areas held a demonstration over what they described, unfair treatment by the Opuwo Town Council.

Outjo residents demonstrate against jobs for struggle kids

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-A group of disgruntled youths took to the streets of Outjo in the Kunene Region, to demand the immediate halting of the employment of five struggle kids at the towns state hospital.

NamPol calls off UDP demonstration

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-A demonstration planned by the United Democratic Party (UDP) of the exiled Mishake Muyongo was called off by the police at Katima Mulilo on Monday.

Khorixas community holds a demonstration against drugs

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-Drug abuse and selling of drugs at some schools in Khorixas is cause for concern.

Omaheke residents call for suspension, investigation of CRO

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-Some residents of Omaheke Region are calling for the suspension and investigation of the council's chief regional officer (CRO) Maria Vaendwanawa over alleged mismanagement of funds.

Peaceful demonstration planned to raise awareness on the impact of climate change in Namibia

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-There are few ecosystems in the world that have not been impacted by humans. Climate change brought about by human activities can eliminate species and disrupt natural processes, degrading or even destroying complex local webs of life.

NIP staff stages peaceful demonstration over salaries

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Employees of the Namibia Institute of Pathology staged a demonstration in protest over salaries.