Koes residents demand suspension of village council's CEO

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-Residents of Koes Village in the //Karas Region have renewed their demand to have the council's chief executive officer (CEO) Willie Humphries suspended.

Okakarara residents petition town council over a lack of access to clean water and sanitation

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-Okakarara residents are dissatisfied over a lack of access to clean water and sanitation at the town. They petitioned the town council.

Tses SMEs stage peaceful demonstration

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-Small business owners and members of the community on Thursday staged a peaceful demonstration at Tses in the //Karas Region, alleging that tenders are not awarded to local companies.

Okakarara residents demonstrate in solidarity with the family of Cheryl Ujaha

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Okakarara residents held a demonstration in solidarity with the family of nine-year-old murder victim, Cheryl Ujaha.

NBC employees stage another demonstration

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NBC employees staged another demonstration outside the corporation's headquarters demanding the immediate implementation of salary increases.

Students stage demonstration over NSFAF funds

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-Students of institutions of higher learning staged a countrywide demonstration over the non payment of more than N$700 million by the Ministry of Finance to the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF).

Mine workers demonstrate in solidarity with those at Langer Heinrich mine facing retrenchment

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Mine workers from various companies in the Erongo Region staged a demonstration at Swakopmund in solidarity with their colleagues at the Langer Heinrich mine, who are facing retrenchment.

Otavi residents urged to call off planned demonstration

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The Otavi Town Council has appealed to the residents to call off their planned demonstration because of a lack of cleanliness.

Students stage peaceful demonstration after death of NUST student on Independence Day

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-Students from different tertiary institutions staged a peaceful demonstration in solidarity of a fellow student killed on Independence Day in Windhoek.

Zimbabweans living in Namibia demonstrate at the country's embassy

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Zimbabwean nationals residing in Namibia also staged a demonstration in front of the country's embassy in Namibia, in solidarity with their country men and women, calling on President Robert Mugabe to end his 37-year long rule.