Impalila Island residents demonstrate against granting of bail to homicide suspects

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Residents of Impalila Island in the Kabbe South Constituency staged a demonstration in protest against the granting of bail to two people accused of culpable homicide.

Banned car-wash owners petition City of Windhoek

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A number of car wash owners staged a demonstration on Friday, petitioning the City of Windhoek to have their businesses permitted to operate.

Landless People's Movement demonstrates at Zoo Park

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A demonstration by the Landless People's Movement took place at the Zoo Park on Tuesday.

Embwinda Fishing Group employees demand removal of the company's HR Manager

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About 200 employees from Embwinda Fishing Group of Companies in Walvis Bay, are demanding the immediate removal of their Human Resource Manager.

Student nurses demand payment from NSFAF

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Student nurses at the Richard Nchabi Kamwi Health Training Centre at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi region staged a demonstration.

Oshakati Regional Health Training students demand tuition fees from NSFAF

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Student nurses at the Oshakati Regional Health Training Center demonstrated on Tuesday, demanding their tuition fees from the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund. They said their study loans have not been paid into their bank accounts for the past two years.

Kalkrand residents demonstrate

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Kalkrand residents in the Hardap Region took to the streets this week accusing the Chief Executive Officer of corruption, mismanagement and fraud.

Omaruru residents oppose granting of bail to suspected rhino poachers

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A concerned group comprising community members and commercial farmers demonstrated in front of the Omaruru Magistrate's Court on Tuesday morning.