Lack of coordination between ministries, directorates hampers development

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-Lack of coordination between ministries and their directorates continues to hamper development in the regions.

Opuwo Rural Constituency ensures development despite limited resources

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-Limited resources are not standing in the way of the Opuwo Rural Constituency Ccouncillor to bring development to the community, and improving service delivery.

SORA | Kavango East records huge development in urban and semi-urban areas

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The Kavango East Governor Samuel Mbambo said the region has recorded huge development in urban and semi-urban areas.

Lack of infrastructure hampering development in Otjozondjupa

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Lack of infrastructure development and business opportunities hamper Otjozondjupa to fully develop economically.

Windhoek Rural Councillor satisfied with Groot Aub development

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-The Windhoek Rural Constituency Councillor says progress has been made in developing Groot Aub.

Minister Kandjoze discusses Otjozondjupa development

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Minister Obeth Kandjoze met heads of various ministries in Otjozondjupa Region at Otjiwarongo Thursday to discuss development in the region.

Mix residents frustrated over lack of development in the area

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-Residents at Mix informal settlement, on the outskirt of Windhoek, are frustrated over the lack of development in the area.

Luderitz Crayfish Festival patron calls for commitment to fast-track development

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-The Patron of the Luderitz Crayfish Festival has called for commitment to fast-track development at the town.

UNAM's Rundu campus to involve community through research and development

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-The University of Namibia's Rundu Campus has reiterated its commitment to involve the community through research and development.

Outjo municipality urged to address multi million dollar development plans

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-The Outjo municipality has been urged to address ambitious multi million dollar development plans, that holds potential to change the face of the town, into a competitive economic and education hub.