Donald Trump

Donald Trump pledges to be president for 'all Americans'

by editor / Nov 09, 2016 / 0 comments

The Presidential election in the United States has come to a dramatic close.

Americans grow uneasy amid upcoming presidential elections

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Many Americans are becoming discontent and stressed about the ongoing presidential election although the outcome of the presidential election between the two candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Political jokes between Trump and Clinton turn sour at charity gala

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The US presidential debates were tense and heated, and that same atmosphere continued at a white-tie dinner and fundraiser in New York.

Trump seeks African American vote

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made jaws drop once again when he said African Americans should vote for him in November because they have nothing to lose.

Donald Trump officially accepts presidential nomination

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United States Billionaire Donald Trump has officially accepted the Republican Party's presidential nomination, promising safety and security to Americans.