Namibians urged to prepare for another devastating drought

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Namibians should get ready for another devastating drought expected to hit Namibia in December, the height of the cropping season.

Drought forces farmers to consider selling their livestock

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-Persistent drought in some areas of the Otjozondjupa, Kunene and Erongo Regions is forcing some farmers to consider selling their livestock.

Namibia to face drought again

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-Namibia appears to be facing yet another drought with poor rainfall recorded in various parts of the country so far.

Senior citizens of Okombahe battle effects of drought

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-Senior citizens at Okombahe in the Erongo Region continue to battle the effects of drought.

Drought and FMD outbreaks decrease livestock population

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The prolonged drought and outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease has decreased the livestock population in the country.

Communities in Erongo call on government to continue drought relief scheme

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Residents in villages and settlements affected by drought in the Erongo Region are calling on Government to continue with its drought relief scheme.

First harvest for aquaponics project in Goreagab

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-With drought threatening the country's food security, the City of Windhoek is turning to aquaponics to feed its residents in need.

Kuiseb crawls closer to the coast

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-The current flow of the Kuiseb River in the Namib Desert is getting stronger as it moves closer to Walvis Bay.

Desalination plant plans progressing well

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-Plans to establish a desalination plant to supply water to the coastal areas and central part of Namibia are

#BusinessToday - Katuutire Kaura urges communities to start small-scale crop farming

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As drought intensifies in the western parts of Namibia which received little or no rainfall, communities there have been urged to start small-scale crop farming in their backyards.