E-learning uptake at tertiary institutions hampered by lack of capacity, infrastructure

by editor1 / Nov 12, 2020 / 0 comments
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-A recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation shows that 72% of tertiary institutions, heavily relied on face-to-face learning during the COVID-19 lockdown, due to lack of e-learning capacity and infrastructure, among others.

Khorixas, Fransfontien offices provide free wifi for e-learning

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-The Khorixas and Fransfontein constituency offices have provided free wireless Internet for students in the constituencies to utilise for research purposes as well as to carry out online-based learning.

Urban-rural divide impacts learning and teaching in //Kharas, Zambezi regions

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- //Hawebahe Hoeseb, Education Director of //Kharas said all 46 public schools in the region have computers and access to internet facilities but network speed in some areas are slow.

Connectivity hampers Omaheke, Hardap E-learning

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-Gerhard Ndafenongo, the Hardap Director of Education said 80% of the region's schools are in rural areas, and some do not have connectivity at all.

Parents in rural areas struggle to assist children with school work

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-Parents in rural areas are finding it difficult to assist their children to do their school work through e-learning during the lockdown period.

E-learning remains a challenge in rural schools

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-Following the extension of the lockdown countrywide, some schools, particularly in urban areas, have already started with their E-learning programmes.

Schools in Windhoek embrace E-learning

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-Some schools in the capital have embraced E-learning to ensure school calendars are not disrupted.

NANSO concerned that students lack facilities to access online learning

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-The Namibia National Students Organisation's (NANSO) Khomas Regional Executive has rejected the haste with which the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture is introducing online learning to ensure that learners and students continue with their studies.

Discussions ongoing on implementation of E-learning

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-Concerns from various quarters have been raised about the implementation of E-learning or other internet-based learning methods.

NANSO in //Kharas concerned over e-learning for first-year students

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-Namibia National Students Organisation's (NANSO) //Kharas regional executive has expressed concern over first-year students at institutions of higher learning who might find it difficult to adjust to e-learning.