IPPR says those contesting for position in upcoming elections should provide solutions towards service delivery

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-Those contesting for a position in both Regional Council and Local Authority elections should provide solutions towards service delivery, affordable housing, sanitation and long-standing societal challenges in their campaigns.

Fishrot accused say they are used as sacrificial lambs for political gain

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Magistrate Vanessa Stanley will on Monday determine the fate of the seven men accused in the biggest corruption case in Namibia's fishing industry, which came to be known as the Fishrot scandal.

Discussion on political parties calls for transparency in election

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-A discussion on political parties' promises and election technology, that took place in Windhoek, suggests that institutions responsible for elections need to be transparent, and open enough if they are to regain the voter's trust.

Khorixas Forum calls on youth to vote in their numbers

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-The chairperson of the Khorixas Constituency Youth Forum calls on young people to go out in their numbers and vote during the November elections.

IPPR associate expects voter apathy among urban youth

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-A research associate from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), Salmi Shigwedha predicted that few youths will partake in the upcoming elections in urban areas, compared to rural areas.

//Kharas youth encouraged to vote in numbers

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-Political parties in the //Kharas Region have called on young people to go out in their numbers and vote in next month's elections.

Political parties urged to refrain from engaging in 'fake news' campaigns

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-Political parties have been urged to refrain from engaging in negative campaigns that involve the dissemination of fake news in the upcoming elections.

UDF to focus on land delivery if elected into power

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-The United Democratic Front (UDF) says poverty eradication, provision of health, agriculture and education as well as land delivery are priority areas the party will focus on if elected into power.

Felix Tshisekedi wins DRC presidential poll

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-Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi has been declared the winner of the long-delayed, disorganised and controversial presidential election, in an announcement by the electoral commission early Thursday that surprised many, as the vast country braced for possible protests over alleged rigging.

SEOM says DRC elections were generally peaceful

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SADC Secretariat

-The SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM), says the DRC's presidential, legislative and provincial elections were held in a generally peaceful atmosphere.