Energy Ministry clarifies August fuel price increase

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-The Ministry of Mines and Energy says the increase in fuel prices for August is to ensure fuel supply into the country. Fuel pump prices went up countrywide on Wednesday midnight with petrol increasing by N$1 per litre and diesel by 70 cents per litre.

Namibia, Russia look at cooperation in energy sector

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Namibian Presidency

-Namibia and Russia are looking at possibilities of cooperation in the energy sector and exploit uranium for the benefit of both countries.

Solar power can solve Namibia's energy crisis- Dr Nickanor

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About 60 percent of Africa's rural population still lives without electricity.

Energy Minister hopes Namibia can generate 60% of its energy from renewable resources

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Wind energy resources around Luderitz have the capacity to serve the entire country's energy needs.

Sourcing power from abroad increases risk to the economy - Schlettwein

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Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein says sourcing power from neighbouring countries is no longer a safe option as this increases risk to the economy.

Oil revenues on a decreasing

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Oil revenues have been on a decrease and have affected many economies around the world, currently Namibia finds itself in a low price oil environment.