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Environmental Commissioner urges Omaruru residents to clean town

by editor1 / Mar 13, 2021 / 0 comments
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Environmental Commissioner, Dr Caroline !Garus-Oas has urged Omaruru residents to clean the town and cultivate a culture of recycling waste. t.

Environmental Commissioner adds restrictions for sand mining, timber harvesting in communal areas

by editor1 / Dec 20, 2018 / 0 comments
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-The office of the Environmental Commissioner is introducing additional conditions, to be met in environmental clearance certificates, issued in respect to sand mining, timber harvesting and extraction of natural resources from communal areas.

Environmental Commissioner cautions local authorities against operating illegal waste disposal sites

by editor1 / Sep 04, 2018 / 0 comments
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-The Environmental Commissioner cautioned municipalities, town and village councils against operating waste disposal sites without environmental clearance certificates.

Environment Commissioner wishes to see people's behaviour changed by the clean-up campaign

by editor1 / May 25, 2018 / 0 comments

The Environment Commissioner in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism want to see this week's national clean-up campaign change people's behaviour towards the environment.