Katima Mulilo to host farmer's market day

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The Zambezi Regional Council with support from the United Nations World Food Programme is organising a two-day farmers market day at Katima Mulilo.

AGRIBANK successfully execute COVID-19 Loan Repayment Holiday Break

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AGRIBANK has successfully implemented the COVID-19 Loan Repayment Holiday Break with many farmers benefiting from this provision.

Hardap's Bernafay Agriculture Project faces water shortage

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-Farmers at the Bernafay Agriculture Project in the Hardap Region are facing water shortages due to damaged boreholes.

Farmers urged to adhere to the law when putting down wild animals

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Farmers have been reminded to strictly adhere to the provisions of the law when putting down wild animals otherwise they could face charges of illegal hunting.

Agriculture Ministry to review current drought policy

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-The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform will review the current drought policy to address the shortcomings and strengthen strategic interventions.

Prolonged dry spell in northern Namibia could affect prospects of a bumper harvest

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-A prolonged dry spell in some parts of northern Namibia could affect farmers who were hoping for a bumper harvest this year.

Okakarara farmers urged to venture into winter crop production after good rains

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-The Okakarara Constituency office is advocating and promoting winter crop production among farmers for them to make the most of the good rains received.

Farmers advised to protect animals from adverse effects of intense rains

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-Agribank has advised farmers to protect their animals from the adverse effects of the intense current rains.

Farmers fight back: Making animal feed from a locust plague

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Kenya is battling some of the worst locust plagues in decades, but start-up The Bug Picture hopes to transform the pests into profits and bring "hope to the hopeless" whose crops and livelihoods are being destroyed by the insects.

AGRIBANK calls on farmers to diversify agricultural activities to increase income streams

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-AGRIBANK's chief executive officer Sakaria Nghikembua has called on farmers to diversify their agricultural activities, to multiply their income streams and ensure security.