Heavy rains in central Namibia fill up dry Kuiseb River

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-Recent heavy rains in central Namibia has replenished the dry Kuiseb River in the Namib Desert.

//Kharas farmers fear floods might cause infrastructure damage

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-Some farmers, particularly those residing downstream in the //Kharas Region, fear heavy rains could damage infrastructure as three major dams are fast filling up and this could lead to flooding.

Ministry of Agriculture tells farmers to be on alert for pests likely to appear because of good rains

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-The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform is cautioning farmers to be on the lookout of crop pests and diseases that are likely to occur as a result of the good rainfall and increasing temperatures.

Berseba farmers cut off from grazing areas after heavy rain

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-Farmers in the //Kharas Region's Berseba Constituency have been cut off from grazing areas following heavy rainfall.

Opuwo Rural Councillor urges Government to help farmers who lost 80% of their livestock

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-Opuwo Rural Constituency Councillor Uaurikua Kakuva has urged the Government to help farmers in his constituency who have lost more than 80% of their livestock due to the persistent drought.

Northern farmers start preparing land for cultivation

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-Following moderate rains received in some part of the northern regions, farmers have started preparing land for cultivation and planting of grains such as pearl millet or mahangu, maize and sorghum.

Farmers advised to conduct market research

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-Farmers are advised to carry out thorough market research if they are to embark on a successful agricultural business venture.

Schlettwein warns farmers against racism

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Agriculture, Water and Land Reform Minister Calle Schlettwein has warned farmers against racism and called on them to embrace farmworkers.

Twenty Kunene small-scale farmers benefit from fodder, implements assistance

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-Twenty small-scale farmers in the Kunene Region have benefited from livestock, fodder and farming implements under the Rangeland and Ecosystem Management Project.

Minister Schlettwein urges //Kharas farmers to form cooperatives

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-The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform has urged farmers in the //Kharas Region to form cooperatives to ensure good returns in agriculture.